Platformattic brings kanban to life by helping you manage your workflows in a kanban-first style. Our aim is to make everyone productive with kanban, no matter where they are at in their processes, espousing the kanban philosophy of starting with what you have, where you are.

Platformattic achieves this with zero code by the user. Any executive or business owner can customize their Platformattic kanban boards without the need for developer or IT intervention. Send us prompt feedback from within the application if you encounter any blockers.

You will realize one thing when you use Platformattic: the user interface is blazing fast, unlike many other tools in this category. We’ve built in speed as a first-class feature. After all, Platformattic is competing with zero-latency physical kanban boards with sticky notes. You can be sure you won’t be spending too much time staring at a spinning wheel or a loading page while using Platformattic.


Our founder, Jonathan Lin (@ernsheong), is fascinated by kanban systems, and believes that the real potential of kanban in the real world is yet to be fully realized. He has been building Platformattic software from the ground up since April 2018 and continues to be the principal software engineer and architect of Platformattic today.


Normally, this section is where companies flaunt their list of big-name investors.

We think a business can be profitable without drinking the VC kool-aid. Platformattic is bootstrapped and intends to remain so, but to do this we need your help to try out Platformattic and provide feedback to help it achieve its fullest potential.

See you on the inside!

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