Kanban Board
Unsurprisingly, KanRails has a kanban board at its core!
Start Form
Drag and drop fields into your Start Form to customize what you need to start your process. Submitted forms will appear as cards in your kanban board.
Public Form
Share a public link to your Start Form or embed your Start Form in your website.
Stage Fields
You don't need to know everything upfront. In every stage, setup custom fields to capture more information.
Stage Checklist
Use stage checklists to ensure you and your team know what to do at every stage. Use checklist item hierarchies to create checklist subitems.
Card Checklist
Every work item is different. Create a checklist specific to that work item.
Automation Rules
Use automation rules to send email, move cards, assign to team members, etc.
Link and specify relationships between cards.
SLA Tracking
Specify how long a card should be in a particular stage.
Manage and organize your separate concerns with projects. Team members belong to projects.
Add your team members to your project. Assign them appropriate roles.
Commenting within a card provides context to work better asynchronously.

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